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We shape your


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We shape your


your partner for content publishing

Datagrafix is a full-service provider of publishing solutions for print and digital media with established offices in Berlin (Germany) and Manila (Philippines). Backed by more than 35 years of industry experience, we offer professional services including XML conversion, digital formatting, and typesetting, in addition to a wide range of editorial and print production expertise. Partner with us to optimize the value of your content and simplify cross-media distribution. Datagrafix is not just a publishing service provider; we are a team of dedicated specialists driven by our passion for publishing and innovation.

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Multilingual Environment

Our diverse team of professionals can speak and typeset in many languages, including Arabic and Hebrew. We also utilize a variety of translation software to help us with multilingual projects.

End-to-End Content Management

We offer a full-service approach that covers all aspects of book production, from desk editing to pre-press outputs. This allows us to streamline your workflow process and deliver the best results for your content.

Strict Compliance and Quality Management

Our operations ensure full compliance with your guidelines and specifications through strict quality assurance measures and systemic documentation of our proofreading processes.

Scalable Publishing Production

Working with refined workflows, tools developed in-house, and skilled personnel enables us to deliver results quickly and accurately. We have the infrastructure and experience to scale our production up or down to meet your needs.



Embracing Diversity – Empowering Women

Diversity and inclusion are two of our core values. We believe that having a diverse and inclusive team enhances our creativity, innovation, and performance. We are proud that 60% of our managers are women who bring their expertise, experience, and vision to our company. We support and empower our female leaders and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

Defined By Dedicated Team Members

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we value their loyalty and dedication. Our most senior employee has been with us for 34 years and the average seniority of our team is 8 years. We foster strong relationships with our colleagues and provide them with opportunities for growth and development. Employee retention is a key factor in our performance and customer satisfaction.

35 Years Of Publishing Excellence

We have been in the publishing industry for over three decades, witnessing and adapting to its evolution. From print to digital, desktop publishing to cloud computing, physical books to e-books, manual editing to artificial intelligence: The industry has undergone tremendous transformations and we have transformed with it, always staying up to date with the latest innovations and advancements.

We shape your


your partner for content publishing

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