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Ready to bring out the best in your manga and comics? At Datagrafix, we specialize in enhancing your artwork through precise retouching, relettering, and reformatting. With extensive experience in adapting webtoons for print and manga for digital publication: We are your dedicated creative partner.

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Creative Solutions for your Comics and Manga

Whether your publication requires minimal fine-tuning or a comprehensive revision, we offer a wide range of services encompassing all aspects of graphic novel, manga and comic book design. Just some of our services include:

Cleaning and Retouching

We polish and refine artwork and scans, eliminating dust, scratches, and noise. Our manga and comic retouching process enhances contrast and sharpness while carefully preserving original lines and shading. We also remove original sound effects (SFX), text, signages, and text labels and restore backgrounds to match original detailing and quality. Additionally, we offer coloring and recoloring services for popular comic strips and books.

Redrawing and Relettering

We redraw retouched areas to ensure a seamless final product. By utilizing software like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, we can maintain the original style, font consistency, and layout, all while adding dynamic new comic book sound effects and wording. We also reletter manga into multiple languages if required.

Formatting and Layout

For digital or print distribution, we refine and format your manga, graphic novel or comic book layouts and templates. This involves adapting the page and panel layout to meet exact publication requirements. We modify margins, font size, and line spacing to ensure consistency and flow from one page to the next.

Michael Cheng, Editorial Director Manga, Egmont

“Datagrafix has been retouching and lettering mangas and comics for Egmont Verlagsgesellschaften very reliably for years. The quality of the work and the communication with Datagrafix have always been exceptionally good for us - even during the sudden changes caused by Covid. We would recommend Datagrafix as a partner at any time.”

Elke Epple, Cross Cult

“We would like to thank Datagrafix for the great collaboration over the last five years in the area of lettering for our imprint Manga Cult, and we are looking forward to shaping our imprint Manhwa Cult together with Datagrafix. We are particularly impressed by their retouching skills, which never cease to amaze us. What we really appreciate is the uncomplicated communication, in which our individual wishes and ideas are always taken into account. Even when time is of the essence, an optimal solution is always found for both sides. Many thanks for that!”

Go Digital: E-Manga and Digital Comic Formats

As the world shifts towards digital media, publishers are looking for ways to deliver their manga and comics to a wider audience. With our conversion services, we help you create e-manga and other digital publications that embody the quality and integrity of the original.

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