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Datagrafix comprises a wide array of experts in print and digital content publishing. We are a full-service publishing company offering a broad range of solutions designed to meet all of our client’s content needs. Be it layout, typesetting, image retouching or conversion – our project management team is there to support you in all aspects of your publishing project.

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Full-Service Desk Editing

We offer full-service project management for books, academic journals, textbooks, and many other publications. Our services include overseeing every stage of the publication process from initial submission through to final delivery to readers. With extensive experience in production editing, we manage the entire workflow for you:

  • Project planning: This phase begins with developing production schedules, and defining publishing budgets, goals, timelines, and quality standards upfront.
  • Editing: During this phase, we ensure manuscripts receive thorough copyediting, proofreading, and reference styling to verify accuracy and compliance.
  • Production: Throughout the production phase, we track progress, resolve issues, and ensure on-schedule and on-budget delivery. Our responsibilities include formatting, typesetting, coordinating corrections, proofing final page designs, and checking accessibility standards. By expertly guiding content and managing all internal departments, vendors, authors and clients, we serve as the central point of contact and communication.
  • Publication: After the manuscript is published, we evaluate outcomes and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our goal is to efficiently transform manuscripts into fully formed, visually appealing publications that meet the highest editorial and design standards for readers. Our clients benefit from our accountable oversight and support at every stage of the publishing process.

Multilingual Project Management

Datagrafix understands the unique needs of publishers and offers comprehensive publishing support that goes beyond project management. Our clients provide content that often requires collaboration across different languages and cultures. Academic books and journals, for example, are often written by authors who speak a variety of languages.

At Datagrafix, we have been working with multi-language content since day one. Located on two continents, our multilingual publishing managers oversee all aspects of the project lifecycle — from concept to completion. They meticulously plan each step, creating detailed production schedules that consider the 7-hour time difference between our Berlin and Manila offices. They assign tasks and monitor progress to ensure deadlines are met.

Quality control and localization are of utmost importance to us. Our publishing project managers review content for accuracy and handle feedback between parties with respect. Leveraging our expertise in publishing workflows, we guarantee that all elements are delivered in accordance with industry standards. Throughout the entire process, our clients benefit from having a single point of accountability, reduced communication barriers, and cultural insight.

By breaking down barriers and keeping projects on track, our multilingual project managers ensure that your content meets the highest standards. Publishers trust us to coordinate all types of publishing projects, ranging from simple layout design and image processing to complex multinational scientific works.

Datagrafix specializes in helping publishing houses transform their ideas into reality through expert project management and production oversight, ensuring a smooth journey from the initial manuscript to the delivery of the final product.

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Datagrafix offers a comprehensive onboarding consultation to ensure a smooth initial planning process, where they take the time to understand specific needs and system requirements.

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Datagrafix specializes in helping publishing houses transform their ideas into reality through expert project management and production oversight, ensuring a smooth journey from the initial manuscript to the delivery of the final product.

Production Management & Consultations for Publishers

Datagrafix specializes in helping publishing houses transform their ideas into reality with expert project management and production oversight. With over 30 years of experience across various formats, our consultants are well-versed in the unique challenges that come in working with different types of content. We coordinate with different departments and external suppliers to manage the workflow and resolve any issues that may arise during the production process. Additionally, we provide metrics reporting to offer transparency on project milestones, budgets, and deadlines. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a smooth journey from the initial manuscript to the delivery of the final product.

Initial Onboarding Consultation

To ensure success right from the start, Datagrafix offers its clients a comprehensive onboarding consultation. This affords us a smooth initial planning process where we can take the time to get to know your specific needs and system requirements. We establish publishing style guides, provide guidance on prepress requirements, and optimize workflows to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

During the onboarding process, Datagrafix project managers thoroughly review file specifications and other production variables. Attention is given to details such as proper bleed, font handling, image resolution, and accessibility. Color management is also essential for maintaining consistency and accuracy across different media. Our experts offer guidance on profiling, soft proofing, and achieving optimal color reproduction. We use the latest technology and standards to ensure that your publications look great on any device or platform. You can find out more about color management and other prepress services by visiting our typesetting and composition page.

To streamline the production of your next publication, we invite you to contact our team. Our hands-on approach and uniquely tailored solutions are designed for your success.

Publishing Content Management System (CMS) Support

Content management systems are crucial to a publisher’s internal and external organization. They provide file and task management features, but more importantly they format converters that automate parts of the production process. However the time and money required to run certain content management systems can quickly become overwhelming for publishers. If you are externalizing the creation or set-up of your CMS, why stop there? By outsourcing consultation, data entry, data encoding, and quality feedback to Datagrafix, desk editors and publishing project managers will be able to seamlessly integrate into the new CMS.

On-boarding and Consultation with the CMS Provider

Datagrafix should ideally be involved from the start, both with the publisher and the CMS provider. Our main duty is to protect the publisher’s typographical guidelines during the conversion process. This requires a lot of trial and error that is better suited to be handled by cost-effective external providers like Datagrafix.

Data Entry and Encoding

Manuscript formatting and cleaning is the entry point of the entire CMS. This is a tedious process where suppliers become the gatekeepers of a publisher’s typographical guidelines and specifications. Without a supplier like Datagrafix to execute this part of the workflow, publishers are asking their editors to become proficient in data encoding.

Quality Management and Data Reporting

The primary goal of a CMS is to streamline and standardize a publisher’s production into a single efficient workflow. The difficulty of achieving such a goal will depend on numerous factors. Integrating publications into a standardized environment will require a lot of testing accompanied by a rigorous and tedious data reporting process with the CMS provider.

Datagrafix can support you in working with your CMS provider. From initial planning to final delivery: Our publishing project management services are designed, not just to work with you, but for you, making the entire publication process as smooth and efficient as possible.