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At Datagrafix, our services are curated to the unique needs of publishers in the academic and scholarly sector. More than just arranging content on a page, we understand the role typography and styling play in the effective communication of insights and ideas. That’s why we are committed to delivering academic and scholarly works of the highest quality standards in a way that is both accessible and impactful to the reader. We are your dedicated partner in academic publishing.

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Our Academic & Scholarly Publishing Service at a Glance

Backed by years of experience in book and journal composition and production, our experts meticulously enhance your academic content with visually engaging and reader-friendly layouts. From citation and index formatting to reference styling, we adhere to any custom guidelines as well as the strictest of industry standards, all while maintaining consistency in everything we do.

Our academic book and journal publishing services include:

Typesetting and Composition

Our team of experts provides high-quality typesetting and layout design to enhance the readability and visual appeal of your academic journals and books. We handle everything from journal typography and cover designs to reference title and index creation for monographs. Using advanced capabilities in Adobe InDesign, LaTeX, or 3B2 (Arbortext APP), we ensure our work meets the exact specifications that your publication requires. We also specialize in working semantically with exotic languages and fonts, ensuring your content reaches a global audience.

Data Conversion

We ensure your content is accessible across different platforms and devices through our data conversion services. We convert content into various digital formats, facilitating seamless online access, distribution, and archiving of your content.

Reference Styling and Indexing

We understand the importance of accurate reference styling and indexing in academic publishing. Our team ensures that your citations are correctly formatted and your content is easily accessible, enhancing its value to readers and researchers.

Full-XML Environment

XML has become the standard for academic publishing workflows. A full-structured XML is a complete semantic document where each item is defined through tags and styles. It facilitates the option to create both print and digital publications using one source. More importantly, it promotes a high-level of content standardization and accessibility, something essential to today's digital content requirements. With the ability to repurpose documents in any format, your content becomes adaptable to various workflows, platforms, or systems that best suit your organizational needs.

Our full XML styling services can handle all aspects of manuscript and content encoding in well-formed XML. We structure articles and books according to industry-standard DTDs and schemas to ensure valid, standardized XML markup. To simplify the XML coding process, our specialists work first with MS Word documents and add structure by applying styles and other objects. This allows authors, editors, and other collaborators to finalize their content in an environment they're accustomed to.

CMS Support

If you are externalizing the creation or set-up of your Content Management Systems (CMS), why stop there? By outsourcing consultation, data entry, data encoding and quality feedback to Datagrafix, desk editors and project managers in publishing will be able to seamlessly integrate into the new CMS. We offer support for your preferred CMS providers, helping you to manage, modify, and publish your academic content efficiently. Our project management team is experienced in various CMS platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow from creation to publication. We help enhance your production infrastructure.

“From data conversion to reference styling, we offer comprehensive services tailored for academic publishing needs.”

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